Be Pure Fotel Statement Ekoskóra Koniakowa 37867009


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The name of this chair says it all, doesn’t it? An armchair like this stands as a clear element in the house. The design of Statement is basic, but the size of the chair makes it stand out. Combine this armchair with the sofas from the Statement series for a nice and complete seating area. This Statement chair fits perfectly in the collection of BePureHome, is pure and sturdy and consists of several variants, fabrics and colors. This version is equipped with Recycle leather in a cognac color.The seat depth is 60 cm, the seat width 59 cm and the seat height 46 cm. The leg height is 15 cm and the height of the frame 18 cm. The armrest has a height of 66 cm and a width of 6.5 cm.What is Recycle leather? When the patterns of the hides are cut, factories have leftovers. These remnants are ground and we make a new fabric from them: Recycle leather. Recycled leather consists of 35% genuine leather and 65% polyester. The fabric is made of two materials: the underlayer is made of recycled real leather, which gives it a naturalny and unique look. The leather is protected by a polyester covering layer which prevents unevenness and makes it a solid combination fabric. Maintenance: Recycled leather cannot be treated with grease for leather. Recycle leather can be maintained as follows: with a damp cloth you can clean the fabric. In case of stains you can use a neutral soap solution to remove the stain. After removing the stain, wipe the fabric with a damp cloth. This bench is supplied in separate elements. The elements can easily be connected by means of brackets.Orders of this item cannot be cancelled.Not available for the UK. This article is not Fire Retardant.


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Be Pure Fotel Statement Ekoskóra Koniakowa 37867009